Sunday, December 25, 2011


Jerome Duncan (1860 TN-1913 TX) was my mother's father. He died when she was 8 years old, but he had a rich history. He became an attorney and married Sarah Holmes in 1885. She died three years later. He became a traveling Methodist minister and married Mattie Litton Reagan in 1891. Jerome was loved by all who knew him, according to the flowery verbiage of the day, and I'm not surprised to hear it. Here his picture and a couple of notes he wrote to Mattie, with the transcription below.


Fairer than the lily, sweeter than the Carnation and more beautiful than the rose to me is the womanly woman who for more than nine lien years has "staid by the stuff" while I have been "about His business" whose birth we celebrate. May Christmas blessings abide in your lovely brow," my dear!
Xmas 1910
                        Your Dear,
After twenty years
The inspiration of your love is
still my Chiefest Joy!
                                    Your Own,
September 15, 1912

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