Monday, January 2, 2012

Amanuensis Monday: Steamboat Green Bay

My mother used to refer to herself as an amanuensis. She worked as a "steno" in the 1920s in New York City. I have some poetry she wrote, on the typewriter of course, and some she typed for George C. Groce, my dad's cousin who introduced them. But I digress.

Today I finally typed up John C. Craig's handwritten note that I've had in my files for about 13 years. I visited the public library in Beaumont, where they made me a copy of Capt. Craig's photo and other documents about him. Later on a wonderful librarian sent a copy of the note with a Post-it attached.

 Jill: I just happened to find this while looking for something else. Did Craig own a steamboat? This was in a group of A.J. Tevis papers. —Judy Linsley

Beaumont, Tex. April 27th 1870

Rec’d of Andrew J. Tevis former Sheriff of Jefferson County Three Hundred dollars in full of our pro noto of the purchase money of the Steamboat Grand Bay, decreed to us in a cause heretofore pending in the District Court of Jefferson County, wherein we were plaintiffs and Walter Wakefield was defendant by attachment of said Steam Boat then sold under order of said Court He having this day settled the same with us by executing his note for said amount.

Craig & Keith

 per Jno C Craig

For anyone interested in the history of Beaumont, I recommend Emerald of the Neches by W.T. Block, Nederland [TX] 1980. There's a wealth of information there.

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